Terms & Conditions



Ocean air conditioning heating and appliance service inc. is a licensed, qualified air conditioning contractor and wholesale dealer located in Tampa Florida. We will provide warranty parts and replace them as per the manufacturer. If a replacement part is needed per the certified technician’s diagnostic inspection we will assist you the customer with the part needed. Please note: on all major components including, but not limited to the compressor, condenser coil, reversing valve and evaporator coil that fail and need to be replaced, we will need a copy of the service ticket from a licensed or certified contractor to honor the part warranty. We sell well known brands of equipment in which the parts are standard and available nationwide by certified contractors. Ocean air conditioning will provide the warranty part for a $25.00 handling fee and shipping charges to you the customer. If a part fails in the first sixty days from original start up the handling fee will be waived but not shipping charges. We offer 2 options to the customer in the processing of warranty parts. Option 1: we will ship the warranty part to you first and charge the full price of the part. A credit card will be needed to bill the customer. You will have thirty days to return the defective part with proper paper work as noted above and we will credit your credit card that is on file less the shipping and handling fees. If the parts are not received within 30 days, no credit will be issued and part is not covered by warranty. Option 2: once we receive the defective part from you, we will ship the new part to you and we will bill your credit card only for the shipping and handling fees. As stated above these units are national brands and parts are available from any qualified air conditioning and heating contractor locally. Ocean air conditioning heating and appliance service inc. is not responsible for any service or labor charges that the customer pays to install the warranty parts.


When placing an order please understand that Ocean air conditioning will offer advice and assistance on your order. We can not guarantee orders because of local codes, sizing, and application of products. We recommend that you have a certified contractor assist you prior to ordering to prevent any orders that are not correct and may have to be shipped back. Please see our section on return policies.


Forms of payment are as follows: we accept all major credit cards that are issued in the United States of America only. The cards accepted are American express, Master card, Visa, and Discover card. Money orders from the U.S. postal service accepted only and certified bank checks NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.

All orders will be paid in full before shipment. When paying with credit card and is a large order, we have the right to obtain a pre-authorization number to secure the funds. Be aware that this has an effect on your available line of credit with your card. When order is ready to ship we will the process the credit card. All certified bank checks will be deposited and cleared before shipment.

E.P.A. Regulations

Very important information:

You the purchaser hereby acknowledges that federal law prohibits the opening of refrigerant lines of any equipment purchase, and that a properly E.P.A. licensed person must handle the refrigerant contained in any unit or system. You the purchaser herby assume any and all full responsibility for the safe and proper installation in accordance with all applicable local and federal code requirements. Ocean air conditioning assumes no liability associated with the installation of part, unit or system.